Summer Camps

2016 Summer Adventures Summer Camp!

Registration began February 2 and is ongoing.
We appreciate your understanding during the past two summers as we have been working towards online registration. We are still perfecting the system and have decided to conduct paper registrations for 2016. You can submit your paper registration forms via fax, mail, in-person or email. Registrations will be dated and time stamped and processed in the order received (including mailed registrations). We will notify you via email of receipt of your registration form(s) within 3 business days. Please check the chart below for camp availability. This chart is updated weekly to reflect camp spot and wait list availability.

Camps at a glance

6/27-7/1 Eco-Engineers Waitlist available 6-8yo M-F
Ultimate Survival Waitlist available 9-11yo M-F
Beginning Photography Waitlist available 9-11yo M-F
Advanced Canoe & Kayak Waitlist available 12-14yo M-F
[No museum van]
Ooey Gooey Science 4-5yo W-F a.m.
Fishing for Beginners Waitlist available 6-8yo W-F
River Valley Explorations 9-11yo W-F
7/11-15 Bookworms 4-5yo M-TH a.m.
Nature Play Waitlist available 6-8yo M-F
Canoe & Kayak Waitlist available 9-11yo M-F
Field Entomology 12-14yo M-F
7/18-22 Birds & Bugs Waitlist available 3-5yo M-W a.m.
Birds & Bugs 3-5yo M-W p.m.
Nature Nuts Waitlist available 6-8yo M-TH
Wildlife Espionage Waitlist available 6-8yo M-F
Canoe & Kayak Waitlist available 9-11yo M-F
7/25-29 Mucking Around (more spots added) 6-8yo M-W
Let’s Go Fishing! Waitlist available 9-11yo M-F
Advanced Photography Waitlist available 12-14yo M-F
8/1-5 Nature Play for Beginners Waitlist available 4-5yo M-W a.m.
Bug’s Life Waitlist available 6-8yo M-F
Junior Naturalist 9-11yo M-F
Fish & Fishing 12-14yo M-F
8/8-12 I Spy 4-5yo M-W a.m.
I Spy 4-5yo M-W p.m.
Fishing for Beginners Waitlist available 6-8yo M-W
Ultimate Survival Waitlist available 9-11yo M-F
Fly Fishing 12-14yo M-F

Museum and Warner Van Transportation:

6/27-7/1 Van full, waitlist available
7/6-8 Van not available
7/11-15 Van full, waitlist available
7/18-22 Spots still available
7/25-29 Spots still available
8/1-5 Spots still available
8/8-12 Spots still available


summer campRegistrations will be entered within 10 business days upon receipt and you will receive an email confirmation for your camp. Please call after 10 business days if you have not received an email confirmation. Please note that with small class sizes of our camps, some camps fill within minutes of opening up registration. If your camp is full, you will be placed on a waitlist and notified by email. Please register only one person per form. You may photocopy the original form or contact WNC for additional forms.

Helpful information:

4 ways to register

  1. By fax: Fax your registration form(s) to (651) 433-2430
  2. By mail: Mail your registration form(s) to: WNC Camps, 15375 Norell Ave. N, Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047
  3. In-person: Bring your completed registration form(s) and payment to the WNC office beginning February 2 at 9 a.m.
  4. By email: Email form(s) as an attachment to [email protected]

    • If you have questions about our summer camps, please call (651) 433-2427, ext 10, Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
    • Registrations must be accompanied by payment.
    • For registrations with a credit card payment that are received via mail, fax or in-person, please include your credit card number and expiration date on your registration form. For registrations with a credit card payment that are submitted via email, WNC staff will contact you for your credit card information. Upon receiving a phone call from WNC staff, you will have 48 hours to call us back with your credit card information.
    • Registration will close the Wednesday prior to each camp beginning. WNC staff reserve the right to cancel a camp at any time if enrollment is low and a different camp can be scheduled in its place. Customers will be contacted by phone and we will suggest alternative camps.