Help Us Build an Apiary!

Saving the Honey Bee through Education

apiaryPollinating insects and in particular, the honey bee are responsible for one third of the food we consume. These insects are currently under a lot of stress due to disease, pests, and agricultural chemicals. Our food sources could be endangered if we do not address these problems.

To that end, Warner Nature Center has begun a project to educate all ages about the importance of honey bees. During Phase I of this project, Warner Nature Center installed an observation hive in the Trailside Museum, built a fenced-in apiary with two bee colonies, and designed and built an adjacent "bee observation room" with interpretive signage and displays. All of this has been accomplished with donated dollars and volunteer labor.

Phase II's wish list is as follows:

  1. Completing the interior walls of the bee observation room.
  2. Installing a storage cabinet for a PA system.
  3. Purchasing two additional beehives and three nucleus hives.
  4. Purchasing honey extraction equipment.

It is anticipated that the total cost for the above items will be $1,400. We anticipate the apiary will be self-supporting through honey sales generated by the bee colonies in the near future.

We are asking for your help to achieve these goals by giving a tax deductible donation through GiveMN. If you are unable to donate, you can still help us by passing this link onto your friends and family so they are aware of this educational campaign. Thank you!.