Tiger Salamander

tiger salamander(Ambystoma tigrinum)

What do tiger salamanders look like?
The colors and patterns on tiger salamanders vary between individuals and change throughout their life cycle. Adults are usually black with yellow spots or stripes all over their body.

How big do tiger salamanders get?
Tiger salamanders are the largest land-dwelling salamanders. They can grow up to a foot long, though most are between 6-8 inches.

How long do tiger salamanders live?
Tiger salamanders can live up to 25 years, though most do not reach that age in the wild due to predation and other hazards.

Where do tiger salamanders live?
Tiger salamanders can be found throughout the state of Minnesota. They live in or near wetlands like marshes, lakes, and ponds. They spend most of their time burrowing under the leaf litter or underground looking for food. In human populated areas, tiger salamanders can sometimes be found in window-wells and waterlines.

What do tiger salamanders eat?
Tiger salamanders are voracious feeders. They eat earthworms, small mice, smaller amphibians, insects, and spiders.

When is my best chance of seeing a tiger salamander in the wild?
Salamanders spend most of their time alone underground. However, during the first warm nighttime rain in the spring, tiger salamanders can be seen moving together in large groups heading for the nearest breeding pond.

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